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Poetry / Improv / Cabaret Nights 

Wednesdays 7pm

Starting with Playback Theatre  on 6th September.




You’re hysterical – Spoken Word Open Mic Night

“You’re Hysterical” is a spoken word / poetry / performance night happening at Candid Arts Trust. We hope to encourage performers, listeners and friends to come together for an evening of expression and conversation.

All slots are 5 minutes long and there will be regular intervals. To sign up please email as there are a limited number of places.

Entry is £4, and comes with a free drink’s token!








27th September 7-10pm 
Boasting within their ranks everything from burlesque performers to lawyers, bartenders to English mystics and more, what combines the poets of The Little Versed is continuing the great literary tradition of London. By using poetry and performance to address the world surrounding them, TLV will captivate, entertain and challenge you through spoken word.




Performers – please email to book a slot.
We are looking for people to run regular nights at Candid Arts. Please email