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Digital Bodies by MaloMalo

Digital Bodies, 25th Oct, 7-10pm,

MaloMalo has teamed up with the And What? Queer Arts Festival to bring you DIGITAL BODIES. An exhibition focusing on Queer and Feminist approaches to virtual reality and the rise of sex robots, the artists ask participants:

“What is it to be a human in a digital space?”

In a world first, composer JONATHAN PACKHAM will demonstrate his method of presenting music in 360-degree VR scores in three mesmerising new pieces that combine movement, voice, cello, and live electronics. Working with director CRISPIN LORD, these pieces will explore Queerness as an identity as well as an artistic strategy and practice.

Joining him, multimedia artist KATE DAVIS presents part of her acclaimed series Logging On To Love, which encourages us to question our ethics in relation to robotics and artificial intelligence and addresses a crucial topic in contemporary feminism, that of ‘robotic’ and ‘cyber’ women.

A pioneer in the intersection of Art and Technology, Slade School of Art graduate JAKE ELWES will show ‘Machine Learning Porn’, his astonishing piece that uses Artificial Intelligence to re-engineer Yahoo’s explicit content model and generate what the internet thinks porn is.

Lastly, bespoke tailor and LCF graduate JACK GOODE will present a selection of their provocative, Queer designs that draw on androgyny as inspiration.

More info here.
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