Unity – a visual harmony

Exhibition dates: 21st – 30th May 2021

Private View: Thursday 20th May 6-9pm (booking required, £1)


As we emerge from the isolation of various lockdowns and start to piece communities and economies back together, how do we encourage tolerance and inclusivity and look at things in new ways that will generate hope, optimism and harmony?

Unity in art is about achieving compositional balance by bringing separate elements together to create a sense of ‘oneness’. It can be achieved through attention to formal concerns such as line, form, colour, space and texture and how an artist brings separate elements together to create an appealing whole. But unity can also be the subject of an artwork, encompassing socio-political themes that encourage us to look at things in a more positive way. This exhibition will celebrate unity in art offering some visual harmony to soothe our frazzled souls and re-balance our minds.
The exhibition will include works in a variety of mediums including painting, sculpture, printmaking and photography as well as new media.